Welcome to the Prather’s BBQ Blog!

Prather's BBQ

Prather's BBQWelcome to our new BBQ blog!

Thank you for checking out the Prather’s BBQ blog! I’ve decided to start blogging about our BBQ adventures to keep you informed and also to journal our progress!


What this BBQ blog is about

This blog is about anything and everything BBQ! I will share what we’ve learned along the way, BBQ restaurant reviews and share our own cooking sessions!

Sorry folks, I’m not posting our Prather’s BBQ sauce recipes! You will see photos of our cooking from start to finish. Practice makes perfect, so the more cooking we do the better we’ll become!


Comments are welcome!

Please feel free to post your thoughts! Through our experiences and your input, we hope to continue to learn and grow! All we ask is to keep it clean, respectful and NO POLITICS! The only political conversations you’ll see here are about regional styles of BBQ!

When commenting, please keep the following in mind:

Be polite:  Inappropriate language will not be tolerated and posts containing discriminatory, racist, offensive, obscene, vulgar, profane, inflammatory, unlawful or otherwise inappropriate and/or objectionable statements, language or content will be removed.

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Thank you for visiting Prather’s BBQ, and I look forward to blogging with you!