Smoked Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe

Prather's BBQ Smoked Turkey Recipe

Happy Thanksgiving from Prather’s BBQ!   Tired of dry turkey from the oven? Don’t worry, it’s not your cooking that’s making it dry! Did you know those built-in pop-up thermometers are set at too high of a temperature? If you rely on that pop-up thermometer, your turkey will be overcooked and dry. I have a great […]

Independence Day Pulled Pork

Prather's BBQ Our Sauce

Independence Day Pulled Pork We had a great Independence Day here at Prather’s BBQ! It was an opportunity to cook some pork shoulder for my mother-in-law who was visiting from out of town! A few months ago, I began to log my cooks with notes, times, and temperatures. This has helped me to continue improving […]

Lexington Style BBQ!

Lexington BBQ Sign

BBQ Restaurant Review: Lexington, BBQ (Lexington, NC) Last weekend, I took a little BBQ road trip up to Lexington from the Charlotte area. I’ve heard so much about Lexington style BBQ, but never actually experienced it! Where else to try Lexington style BBQ than at a place named Lexington BBQ! I searched Google and Yelp for […]

Welcome to the Prather’s BBQ Blog!

Prather's BBQ

Welcome to our new BBQ blog! Thank you for checking out the Prather’s BBQ blog! I’ve decided to start blogging about our BBQ adventures to keep you informed and also to journal our progress!   What this BBQ blog is about This blog is about anything and everything BBQ! I will share what we’ve learned […]